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About Frdlweb

The Frdlweb project is maintained and owned by Till Wehowski, a coder and webhoster located in Bochum (Germany).

It was founded in the late 90s by Georg Wehowski as a hobby project serving a free-time single groups platform and became a commercial webhosting provider since 2004, known as Homepagespeicher nowadays.

Its main intend is to brand and group the development and productional infrastructure used by the Wehowskis, their hard- and software, as well as to provide open and non-profit software products and microservices to the public.

Please note that frdl is an abbreviation of the german word "freundlich", meaning "friendly" in english.

So at least, we the Wehowskis, our friends, partners, customers and users, we make the Frdlweb all together!